Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the wilds of Bogotá!

OK, maybe it's not so wild.  You can find a lot of strange things (see previous blog posts) but they still have stores that look suspiciously like Lowe's franchises.  They're called "Home Center," and it's not "Casa Centro" or some other bogus translation.  Just Home Center.
And by the way, you can tell the picture was Photo-Shopped.  Why?  It's not raining!
Yes, if you look closely there on Aisle 77, there's a display for DeWalt power tools, and on the left, there's a Dremel for sale.
You have to be careful, however.  I still hurt where Paula hit me with an 18-ounce composite-handled lifetime-guaranteed claw hammer when I suggested she get some boots like the young woman over on Aisle 32.
We hope your visits to the hardware mega-store in your town are not so painful.
Dave (and Paula, who wears far-more appropriate footwear)

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