Saturday, March 24, 2012

When life hands you lemons...

you can make great lemonade, and the "limones," (they look a whole lot like limes) are pretty cheap.
OK, but how about if life hands you a bunch of sand?  
If you're in Bogotá, you make stupendous sand sculptures!
You invite artists from all over, supply them with the right materials, and stand back for about two weeks while they work with incredible imagination and tons of the stuff.
You then charge people admission and give tours for about four months.
So, why are they all inside of what look like huge, plastic-covered tents??
 C'mon people!  THINK!!  This is BOGOTÁ!!!  Remember?!  RAIN???!!
Also, with all of the little kids (and big people) going through and just having to touch, a certain Norwegian artist has been employed since November to do maintenance for at least two hours every day.  Apparently, he's a funny guy, and the guide was pointing out the little touches he's added along the way; a peace symbol here, a yin/yang thing there, a grin on the gargoyle, etc.
The scale of these things was amazing.  The Colossus of Rhodes really was colossal, standing about 20 feet high.
And the manger scene had its own hangar.
So I've made up my mind; after seeing that, I'm never building a sand castle again.
We hope that the little kids leave your sand sculptures alone also.
Dave & Paula

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