Thursday, March 15, 2012

So how do we keep ourselves occupied?

Actually, there is very little problem doing so.  As previous posts have indicated, there's the entire "living-in-a-foreign-but-cool-place" to deal with.  Shopping, cooking, finding a repair guy to fix the leaky shower, etc. all take time, and a bit more than back home.
For instance, we had to wait most of this morning for the arrival and work of the natural gas guy.  This was after the gas company was about to shut off the supply to the entire building because we had ignored their order to have the water heater tuned (hey, we were out of the country!).
My official duties take some time, mostly by way of the internet and telephone.  Note the intent look, obviously staged.
Paula works in the Bogotá North Mission office part-time when we're in town.
We study Spanish.  This means 30 minutes in the morning with the books.  She has to give me a kiss every time she doesn't roll the 'r's.
Paula listens to Radio Caracol ("Snail Radio!") to try to tune her ear to people talking fast.  You cannot believe what the "lease includes 1st month's payment, taxes, title and registrations....some restrictions apply." sounds like in fast Colombian Spanish.  She also works on her salsa steps when the music plays.
When the next door neighbors went home, they left us a beat-up exercycle, which we further abuse for 30 minutes every day, and yes, my legs are that skinny.
And that's when we're in town.  More on mission travel later.


Matt Mc said...

Paula, maybe you can teach me how to roll my r's, I still haven't mastered that one:)

Teri Boulter said...

Bike looks good in your place! Keep on trekkin'!