Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just in case this also happens

Wow!  We heard about the huge storm on the East Coast and the terrific damage it caused.  
Meanwhile here in Colombia, Nevada del Ruiz, a volcano about 90 miles from here, has been threatening for a while, becoming more active this week.  (Actual picture taken 19 hours ago)
In case you have the same problem up there this coming week (and boy would THAT be a double bummer), here are some suggestions, among others, from El Tiempo, the big Colombia newspaper.
"1. Close doors and windows and secure with tape."  (Unless you want to get out of your house because there's a really big scary volcano nearby making ugly noises.)
"2. Protect sensitive electronics until the environment is completely free of ash." (Unless you have your iPad already under your armpit and you're running like crazy from a really big scary volcano nearby now making very ugly noises.)
"3. Stay calm."  Excuse me?!  
"4. Stay informed by listening to local radio stations about the eruption."  (Unless, of course you see something like the picture above (19 hours ago), in which case you probably already have that radio under the armpit on the other side from the iPad, and are making serious tracks in the opposite direction.) 
"5. Do not wear contact lenses because of the possibility of corneal abrasions."  (Great. Now you'll probably run slam into a tree and drop the iPad.)
"6. You may eat vegetables from your garden, previously washed."  (Yeah, of course wash those vegetables as your neighbors are skeedaddling past your house yelling and screaming.)
"7. Put ashes in plastic bags."  (You can probably use the neighbors', because they already skeedaddled.)
"8. Clean surfaces with a sponge or cloth soaked in detergent, tapping the surface, do not rub."  (Very important; do not rub. You may anger the Volcano and Formica spirits.)
"9. Clean your computer or appliance using the vacuum." (see #2)
"10. Do not wet the ashes. This may form a hard mass, and cause the roof to collapse."  Oh, yeah, the roof may collapse.  
Stay tuned for more instructions from your computer.  Unless, you know, #2 above.
Meanwhile, may your local volcanoes stay quiet.


markh said...

Whew! What a relief that somebody finally provided instructions for this recurring situation in my life... Who knew I was doing it wrong all these years??

Tabb and Michelle said...

Wow...The Henderson's never do anything half way!! Hope your Volcano is only for "show" and does nothing big and bad. In Raleigh, we are praying that we can once experience cool weather in the 90's again. We miss you. Thanks for the wonderful blog posts.!