Saturday, July 7, 2012

Be careful who you let in your kitchen!

Grant and Annette Hacking finished their three-year assignment as Mission President on June 30th.  In every Mission, there are a couple of missionaries assigned to be Assistants to the President, and several others who manage rent payments, visas and other necessary support items.
These guys wanted to fix dinner for the Hackings, and Paula volunteered her kitchen.  
Potential big mistake. 
Actually, they did pretty well,
 and yucking around.
They dragged in the extra table,
 and set the tables carefully.
Unfortunately, the food and company were so good that I forgot to take pictures.  The following will serve as simulations of the actual dinner: 

I think you get the picture.  It all went well, and at 9:00 PM, the missionaries went home before they "turned in to pumpkins," leaving the guests of honor to do the dishes.
Overall, a successful evening, with the missionaries doing their heartfelt best to honor the Hackings.  
We hope that your dinners do well, and that your guests do the cleanup, too.
Dave & Paula

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