Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heat wave?! I don't THINK so!!

Perhaps I'm being a bit unsympathetic to the plight of much of the continental US of A this evening.  However, if you look closely in the photograph, you'll notice the following items:  a) the Duke sweatshirt (go Devils), b) the blankets, c) the Peru hat (good for more than just a fashion accessory), d) the wife huddled close, wearing a turtle neck and a jacket, and finally, our trusty Samurai 1500 space heater, the use of which will probably add a half-million pesos to this month's electrical bill.  
What you don't see, and heaven help us that you or anyone else may never see, is one of the good-golly, jumpin' Jehoshephat, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die ugliest pair of sweat pants that your mother ever shoplifted from Target.  ("Hey!  They're better than the blue ones that looked like bloomers!"  She got me on that one.)
May all of our weather moderate toward a happy medium, and may Paula take my advice and leave those things in Bogot√°!

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