Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rain, Shmain!

Paula calls this Pacific Northwest Sucker Punch Weather.  She thinks that people happen to visit the area when it's like this, then decide to move to Seattle or Portland, and after they've burned all their bridges, Mother Nature has a big belly laugh and shuts it all down.
However, visiting my sister Bonnie and our son Sam before heading off for while, we've had great conditions, minus some warning mists.  (That's Mt. Rainier behind those clouds, by the way.)
The accommodations have been on the snug side, but overall OK.
It's been a good visit with Sam, who took us sailing on the Puget Sound yesterday.  I never envisioned having a kid who belonged to the Seattle Sailing Club.  We tried to act humble as we strolled past the riff raff.
That's Paula on the left under the 27 layers.  I suggested she start her Huancayo, Peru acclimatization regimen by wearing a bathing suit.  This suggestion was rejected and my arm still hurts where she punched me.
Sam is an engineer for Boeing, and so we got to visit the Museum of Flight on the company's main campus.  For me, an admitted airplane nerd, it was nothing short of a pilgrimage.  I was unsure about Sam's claim of having built all those planes, but I guess I'll have to take his word for it.
The aircraft designated as Air Force One, used by everyone from Dwight Eisehower through George Bush the First was open to tour.  It was a little spooky standing where Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office in 1963.  Paula wanted to see if haircuts still cost $400.00.
We are so happy to be able to see family and friends.  Meanwhile, we're trying to keep our eyes on the task ahead, preparing as much as we can.
We hope that the rain where you are holds off appropriately.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

And for those of us who grew up there (Tacoma for instance) those blue skies were spectacular after the grey, as was Mt. Ranier, when it came out from behind the clouds.

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