Wednesday, May 1, 2013

While we were in Rivendell...

For those of you who happened to be on Jupiter when "The Lord of The Rings" was flooding every form of media on Earth ("No, now you need the Super-Duper 29-DVD Extra Special Version with 4 days of additional footage!" and then it came in 3-D), we feel kind of like we've been in Rivendell.  You know, where the elves live, and everything is safe and wonderful, and... no?  You actually had a life during the frenzy?!
Anyway, we've been busy finding things at the house that we'll need, ordering things that we'll think we need, and visiting family and friends, all of whom have been way more kind than we deserve.  They've lent us their extra rooms,
let us dangle our feet in water not chilled by the Andes,
fed us,
let us attend really fancy weddings, etc., etc.  It has truly been a 'time out of time.'
The only thing that worries me is what happened after Rivendell.  I seem to remember some trouble they had with the locals.
We hope you're doing well in whatever refuge you find yourselves.
Dave & Paula

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