Sunday, May 12, 2013

What a Hassell!

We're visiting friends and family before taking off for three years, and we're in Ashland, Oregon for a couple of days, where Paula and a lot of others of the Hassell family were born and raised.
She comes from a long line of tinkerers and unofficial engineers; her Dad held a dozen or so patents, and his metal fabrication company still supports several of the family.  OK, does your place have a garage with a car lift? Huh?
Or a large poppy patch with ripening pods, brimming with, uh, never mind...
 The caloric imbalance continued, as did the efforts at evening it out.
Paula tried some fashion heating accessories, looking forward to the cool mountains of Peru.  She maintains that everyone will be wearing these soon.
On Saturday, we had a quiet visit to the cemetery where Mom & Dad Hassell and Paula's sister are interred.  It was established by early members of the Church in the area, and walking around, we got a summary of the early history of the area.
 After an over-sized Mexican lunch, Paula and her sisters bought some flowers.
 It's been a rich visit, and a chance to renew friendships within a great family.
To top it off, our kids located us and sent their Mom flowers, chocolates, 
and a verse for Mother's Day:
            "We hope there's enough air
             In the hills of Peru.
             Trust funds are nice,
             But we'd rather have you."
We hope that your reunions are good also.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

What a happy time! I love being with family. Happy reunion to you!