Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An unexpected present

A big box arrived several days ago.  That's not unusual, considering how much Amazon.com and others have come to love us during our preparations.  However, this one was from a daughter.  On opening it, a wonderful gift of love and remembrance tumbled out, a quilt with pieces representing each of the kids, handprints from all the grandkids (they sat still long enough to trace their hands?!) and outlines of Colombia, North Carolina and Peru.
We will truly treasure it!
Meanwhile, we're about done digging through closets,
organizing shoes,
and getting the few little odds and ends we're bringing all ready to pack up and leave Raleigh in two days.
We sure appreciate the meals, the laughter and the opportunities to re-acquaint ourselves with good friends and family.
We hope you can organize your shoes also.
Dave & Paula

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Betty Anne Davidson said...

I was going to ask if there was any way I could see you before you leave, but then I asked myself why? Why do I wanna see Hendo? So I can hug his neck and through blubbery tears say how much he is missed?!There's no need for all that... Instead I will wish you safe travels from the snot/tear-free safe zone of the internet. :)