Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Ready to Ascend

We'll be at altitude in Peru very soon, so we thought we'd better acclimatize some while here in Utah waiting to begin the training seminar on Saturday.  
OK, I admit, that's not us, and we'll only be living at about 10,750 feet, but will have to go over a pass at almost 16,000 feet to get to Huancayo, and that can be uncomfortable.
So, we thought we'd do some hiking in the mountains.  
The grandkids were thrilled.
Or at least some of them were.
We also hiked with Mike, our son who's a junior at BYU.
Meanwhile, Paula has been looking at fashions that might be useful in Peru.
We hope you're getting ready for whatever is coming up in your life also.
Dave & Paula


Melinda said...

Hello! I am a perfect stranger, but information travels fast among missionary mothers! I would like to say hello. Our son is currently serving the Peru Lima East Mission, and was to find out if he will stay in PLE or be in the Huancayo Mission this week. He is currently in Cerro de Pasco (14,000 feet!) and has been in the "Provinces" his entire mission. Anyway, I wanted to say two things: thank you to you and your wife for your sacrifice and service, AND we live in the Salt Lake Valley so if you need anything before or after you leave we would be delighted to help.
--Melinda Van Komen,

UnkaDave said...

Thanks, Sister Van Komen! We're packing up and checking the weight on the suitcases once again. We look forward to seeing if your son ends up with us.
President Dave Henderson