Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Diciembre?" I think that means DECEMBER!

And that's when they're now saying that the new Mission Home house will be done!  We were given a tour today of the house under construction, and things are starting to happen.
Ingrid the Architect has moved in, made herself an office upstairs complete with a computer and a printer, and has started calling the shots.  She is a Church employee, and travels about getting projects done.
 This is the front door.  We're thinking of leaving the plank ramps.
Paula carefully goes over the plans for the kitchen, which were very much up to her specifications. That's Lilly Nancy, our housekeeper in the red jacket, who will have plenty to do when we move.  At present, she keeps the apartment spotless, straightens glasses, cooks fabulous meals and otherwise looks for things to do.
Paula, President Prieto, the construction manager and Lilly, on the soon-to-be terrace overlooking the someday-will-be garden area.
OSHA?  SHMOSHA!  This is Peru!
Future master bedroom, with lots of windows.  Lilly noted that everyone else's curtains are drawn, so we can leave ours open.
That is indeed an overlook to the rooms on the main floor.
A discussion on the third-floor terrace.  All was satisfactory.
Ah, sunshine!  And the mountains are visible on either side of the valley!
Paula is grinning because she and Ingrid the Architect have just made a date for planning the gardens and hanging out at the local nursery.
 Here Sister Henderson descends into the roomy basement.
No, this is not modern art.  It is the supports in the basement for the re-poured concrete floor of the study above, which floor had to be lowered by about 10 inches so that tall missionaries wouldn't knock themselves out during interviews.
Meanwhile, at one of the local chapels, appliances and furniture were being unloaded.
 Yes, that's a piano, and no, they didn't drop it.  Almost, but not.
The unwrapped device to the right is the dishwasher.  Several in attendance hadn't seen or used such a thing, and were asking how the heck it worked.
Although we are doing fine in our present apartment, the new Mission Home looks to be most pleasant, and we are grateful for its construction.  Now, where do we find a piano tuner?
We hope that your construction projects have also begun to move.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

Huzzah for Ingrid the Architect! Perhaps you'll be in by Christmas.