Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Now we feel safer

As you know, we're living in a nice apartment in Huancayo while the Mission Home is constructed. We think.  Not that we think we're living in the apartment, rather we think the Mission Home is being constructed.  We think.  We occasionally drive by, but haven't noticed much progress yet.
That's OK, because meanwhile we have the Fearless Ferocious Five living next door to keep us safe.
They warn potential intruders of their awful fate at all times of day, but especially at about 7-8 PM,
which for a reason I don't yet understand must be a particularly active time for Peruvian bad guys.  The purpose for the old bathtub is also unclear to me.  I'm sure I'll get this all figured out soon.
We hope that you are likewise feeling protected.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

It's like your own set of Bumpus' dogs from A Christmas Story! As long as they're keeping people out, and not keeping you in...

youarenicelady said...

We've got a couple of security guards (not doormen) that occasionally mumble at us and a really huge black teenager kid that lives next door that will knock on the door at 3am to tell us we left our keys in the door. Yes, we are feeling pretty protected too ;)