Friday, October 4, 2013

They start 'em young here

May I say it again?  Drivers here in Peru are bad.  Period.  There is little wonder that the roadway accident and death statistics are the worst in South America.
Pedestrians are especially at risk, as they are given no leeway whatsoever.  I have tried several times while driving to wave them to cross the street at appropriate times.  They just stared at me like I was the alien that I am.  ("Crazy gringo! Doesn't he know that his manhood is in now in question?!") 
So, Paula, feeling a little suicidal. was out for a stroll the other day, and in preparing to cross the street - on foot, mind you - she looked carefully up the one-way street.  All was clear, and as she stepped out to cross, a kid on a bicycle slammed in to her.  Nothing serious, but she realized that bad driving habits here start even before they get behind the wheel.  Like, when they are behind the handlebars.  
We hope that you're wearing your helmet also when you go for a walk.
Dave & Paula
P.S.  When are they coming out with those air bags for pedestrians?  Probably won't make it up here from Lima for a while...

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Patti said...

Ouch! Glad it was just a bike at least.