Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Weekend

Twice a year, the first weekend in April and October, the Church holds a General Conference, during which the leaders of the Church address the members throughout the world.  It is broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake, which seats about 23,000.
When I was a kid, we would occasionally be able to watch one of the five sessions on TV, if we were lucky, the TV wasn't broken and the local station had some free public service time on a Sunday morning.
Then, the Church began to phone the audio to the chapels, and we would listen.  Sort of.  It wasn't very clear.
They got fancier, with great big satellite dishes next.
Nowadays, anyone can watch all the sessions via the internet, with amazing clarity, and in multiple languages.  We set up Spanish in the office of the Mission Home.
Meanwhile, all the gringos gathered upstairs.
True to tradition, Paula mended while she listened.
 Between sessions, I grilled hamburgers.  In the rain, as usual.
The missionaries had to try out Paula's exercise machine.
The General Conference was uplifting, and I came away inspired to work even harder to do this assignment right.
We hope that you had a good Conference weekend also.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

I remember those days of going to the chapel and listening to it over the phone. What a gift to be able to watch it now anywhere you can get an internet signal!