Friday, April 4, 2014

"I did it all by myself!"

When our daughter Brynn was almost three, she was about the only one who actually sang, "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home" when the kids were doing so in front of the congregation for Fathers' Day.  As the music stopped, she declared in a voice loud enough to be heard by all, "I did it all by myself!"
Paula bought a vacuum cleaner recently, and was reassured by the saleslady that its disposable bags were easily available.
Maybe in Lima, like everything else.  She finally was referred to a shop that serviced such things.  With much trepidation, she called and spoke with the owner, in Spanish, and made her need known.  She also figured out that he needed a deposit to order the bags from (where else?) Lima, and where his shop was located.
Today, she drove to his shop and paid the deposit.  She came to the office, and in a proud voice, announced, "I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!!" and accepted the applause of the office staff.
We hope that you too can do it all by yourself.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

¡Muy bien Paula!