Monday, April 28, 2014

Unfortunate names for transportation companies

As you probably know, intercity bus travel in Peru is an often-sketchy proposition.  Due to demanding schedules, cheap fares and scant enforcement, equipment is often in poor repair, drivers are fatigued, and accidents are many.  If the same death rate were applied to the U.S., some 55,000-60,000 people would die there in bus wrecks each year, and one would predict an outcry.
It would seem appropriate for the companies themselves to try and calm the fears of their passengers.  However, among the names of companies plastered on the sides of buses, we've seen one named "Marginal."  OK, scratch traveling on THAT line.
Today, a big blue bus swerved around us, tilting and swaying, but not so fast that we didn't get a good look at the name of the company.
So, we took them off the list also.
We hope that your next bus trip is on a line with a nice soothing name.
Dave & Paula

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