Sunday, December 21, 2014

Driving in Peru, chapter #23-B

My sister and her husband stopped by on the way home from, where else? Machu Picchu and other historical sites.
They accompanied us to the jungle part of the Mission, which journey is in itself close to historical.
At one point on the way, the road divides in to a narrow bridge (below) which can't handle the heavy trucks carrying lumber and foodstuffs up, and the other goods coming down.
A flash flood from the higher mountains had wiped out the lower passage where the heavier vehicles cross, trapping a bus, and almost washing some heavy equipment over the falls to the left.
This brought out the crowd, including lots of drivers from the lengthening line of heavy trucks.
On the way back to Huancayo, we stopped to check on the progress of the repairs.  The flow of water, now decreased, had been split in to a number of smaller, less powerful channels, and some boulders and metal mats had been thrown in.  Traffic was once again crossing.  Carefully.
We continued on our way, grateful that the small bridge was OK.
We hope that your roads are less, uh, picturesque.
Dave & Paula

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Darwin & Vicki Stull said...

Your posts are always entertaining and enlightening. It's the highlight of our day when we get a new "Out of the Frying Pan." We hope you have a great Christmas and a great new year.
¡Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo!