Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Navidad

I freely admit that we may be living in the nicest place, and perhaps the nicest house, in Huancayo, and maybe the entire Mission.  The good folks in the neighborhood decided to have a Christmas party, including a clown for the kids, 
and lots of hot chocolate and panetón, the lighter-than-US fruitcake that is popular here.  They wisely sprung for a tent, because as usual this time of year, it rained.
 There was also a competition for house decorating, and almost everyone really got into it.
 These guys aren't a bit behind the most, er, exuberant displays to be found up north.
I am ashamed to say that our house, despite having by far the nicest bit of grass in Peru, and two tasteful Christmas trees visible through the windows, just didn't come close.  Not in the same county.
I'm sure they were all shaking their heads and saying, "The gringos just don't get it, do they?"
Meanwhile, the little kids were having a great time staying up late, wearing pretty clothes and overloading on candy.
We hope that you win the competition for coolest decorations in your neighborhood.
We just have to get more lights next year.  And the third-floor terrace is just begging for a flashing Santa Claus and some reindeer...
Dave & Paula

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Liz said...

We bought a paneton at the Peruvian shipping place last month, so we could get a taste of Peruvian Christmas, but we haven't had the courage to cut into it yet. We split it in half and shared it with our friends in our neighborhood who is also serving in a Peruvian mission. To our surprise, our Peruvian friends here brought us another paneton on Christmas night! So we are going to celebrate sometime...soon...very soon...and get a taste of the holiday.