Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Zone Conferences

There are twelve "Zones" in the Mission, each with about 18-20 missionaries.  To celebrate Christmas, we held three conferences, with three to five of the Zones at each.
After inspirational messages, the missionaries played games,
and presented some pretty imaginative skits.
I was, of course, the subject of several, but chose to believe it's because they feel comfortable with me... anyway...
All the Zone Leaders had arranged a great lunch.
As a gift this year, each of the missionaries received a mate, or carved gourd, which is very typical of the region.  Each had the name of the Mission,
and those of the Elders had, you guessed it, a pair of missionaries with name tags, though I have to admit that the hair was a little long, and those shirts aren't white.
 Meanwhile, the Sisters' mates had representations of Sisters, smiling as they usually do.
In all, the conferences were enlightening and fun, and we hope the missionaries felt appreciated, which they are.
Dave & Paula

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Liz said...

My son loved the Christmas conferences and thought his mate was pretty cool! Thank you for helping them have a special Christmas being all together.