Friday, February 10, 2012

OK, it finally dawned on me

Pigeons don't fly in Bogotá.  Or at least not very much.
They seem to run around a lot, sure, and they do the usual swarming maneuver when someone throws them something to eat.
 However, they just don't fly.  I don't know if it's thin air here at 8,500+ feet, or the total lack of predators, but they seem totally nonplused when you walk by.  The other day, I looked a little closer:
Oh, my gosh!  These guys have really adapted!
OK, before you get too impressed, most of the pairs they're wearing, although they LOOK like top brands, are actually fakes.  I grabbed a slow fat one, and you could tell.  Bad seams, thin soles, I mean straight Chinese pirated stuff.  
Anyway, I guess they save some energy with the walking around instead of flying.  Like everyone else in Colombia, they've learned to just take the situation and get along.
We hope your accessories are all the real thing.
Dave & Paula

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts! I hope that all the hours of Spanish practice have paid off for you. I'm sure you could teach me some new "Rolo" words now! May God continue to bless your work there. Kevin