Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday morning

     We could be accused of being light-minded in our blog entries, and the accusation would stick.  There is so much here in South America that is new to us and interesting, it’s hard not to point it out and try to do so in a way that will keep you, dear reader, reading. 
     However, we’re not here to be tourists or commentators.  Our assignment is to help keep the 1,500 missionaries of the Church in these three countries in good shape so that they can help people change their lives and be happier.  To that end, I answer phone questions, publish suggestions, talk to missionaries, and at times unfortunately excuse them home to recover or be released from their duties for health reasons. 
     This is no laughing matter.  There are people down here searching for truth and a better way, and if that pair of young missionaries is out of commission medically, it may not happen as soon or even at all. 
     So, as much as we laugh, and try to make you laugh about banana leaves and such, recognize that we recognize that we have a serious role in something as important as it can be, and that’s the work of the Lord in helping his wandering children find their way back home.
 Next up:  Using coconuts, or why South American kitchens have really hard floors.
Dave & Paula

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