Friday, February 17, 2012

This was no "Happy Meal"

All right, to get it out of the way, they DO have McDonald's in Colombia, but it's considered a luxury to eat there, as it is a bit pricey, and the food is considered somewhat exotic.
We had the very good fortune to travel with President and Sister Casablanca of the Bogotá South Mission this last week.  Coming back to Bogotá, we stopped in Fusa (short for Fusagasugá and I knew you couldn't say it) to buy bikes for two of the only four Elders in the mission who have the privilege of riding them.
True to his usual kindness, the President bought lunch for us and the Elders, the obviously Gringo one of which on the left has only been in-country for 10 days.
Paula saw "Tilapia" on the menu and went for it.
Paula may be smiling, and they did take Visa here, but that Meal does not look Happy.  It was quite tasty however, if you could just get past the grimace and the teeth.
We hope that all your Meals are more cheerful.
Dave & Paula


bestgrandkidsever said...

Paula, when Dave promised to go to the ends of the earth for you, I'm guessing this was NOT what you had in mind?!

Amy Henderson said...

They serve THAT at McDonald's?? I'm coming to visit, for SURE!!