Saturday, October 20, 2012

There are fossils in our bathroom!

Oh, stop it!  I am not referring to Paula, or for that matter myself.  We moved to a nicer apartment recently, and it happens to have beautiful marble floors as well as lovely polished limestone on the walls in the bathrooms.  
After living here for two weeks, I realized that some of the patterns on the shower walls were not random.  Millions of years ago, this very shower must have been part of an ancient sea!!
How truly amazing!  The moving guy was way off when he estimated the age of the apartment building to be about 40 years, based on his experience and the size of the (dinky) elevator.  This apartment building must actually date to the Jurassic, or the Teleologic, or the Ophthalmologic Era or something!  I mean this has got to be millions (if not billions) of year old!!  They've almost certainly painted the place a couple of times, sure, and the wood floors are a little worn, but it's amazingly well preserved!
Wow!  The stuff you discover when you look closely at your bathroom walls!
We hope that your bathrooms are historic or pre-historic too!
Dave & Paula.

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