Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Your afternoon traffic report, high above Bogotá!

If you want to get a Bogotano talking, bring up the subject, "traffic."  If you want to get a Bogotano taxi driver saying things he shouldn't, bring up the subject, "traffic."
Our street, Calle 69, is a microcosm of the problem, being a semi-popular, but not terribly-busy way to get from Carrera 5 to Carrera 7.
From the perch of our new terrace, we get to see all sorts of traffic hilarity.  This afternoon, for instance, some guys renovating an apartment decided it was an OK time to block the street with their trash truck. 
The twenty-one cars and two horse carts did not agree, stretching up and around the corner on Carrera 5.  The horn-play was deafening, even six floors up.
This afternoon traffic report from high above Calle 69 was brought to you by the friendly folks at Casa Real Hotel, described as (and I am not making this up), "Strange at first, wonderful at the end."
Huh...that may be a good description of this whole trip.
We hope your traffic is more manageable than that of this strange-at-first place.
Dave & Paula

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