Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't you use the imperfect subjunctive tense on me!

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to functioning here is the language.  I learned it (sort of) as a young missionary during my two years in California between 1973 and 1975, and had it reinforced (sort of) during my time as Bishop between 2000 and 2005.  However, California and Colombia are entirely different situations.
For the past six weeks, we've been holding three-times-a-week classes for about thirty minutes, that have become known fondly as "Old Persons' Spanish Torture."  We've recruited another gringo couple, the Collins, to join the fun.
That's Trisha Collins with the hand raised.  She was probably the girl in your fourth-grade class that everyone didn't like because she always knew the answer.  Meanwhile, if you look closely, Paula is trying to get by on her good looks and a big smile.  Nice try.
That's Phil below.  He's just brought up the question of why the personal indirect object always precedes the direct object, even after a positive command.
 "Look, I'm the teacher here," said Elder Henderson, "And I say it's that way, OK?!" 
You have to keep control of the classroom, you know?
Anyway, we hope that your foreign-language learning experiences are as fruitful.  And remember the rules for the imperfect subjunctive.
Dave & Paula

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