Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time flies! (or jumps)

When you arrive in the Mission as either a young or old missionary, your dwellings are kind of pot-luck, as are the furnishings.  We inherited an old-ish clock hung on a wall.  One night, a crash in the living room awakened us both; the clock had fallen and was broken up.  I fixed it, and hung it more securely.
In our new digs, I hung it in the kitchen, where the tile goes all the way to the ceiling.  It fell.  I fixed it.  OK, this time I made sure the wall was clean and degreased, and hung it again.  It fell.  I fixed it.
By this point, I was beginning to suspect psychopathology of our seemingly suicidal timepiece.  I scrubbed the wall and used a brand-new hook and adhesives.  However, this time I am taking no chances.
If it leaps again, at least I won't have to buy any more glue.  Clock-Prozac perhaps, but no more glue.
We hope that your clocks are more content.
Dave & Paula

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