Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopleaving - is it really a crime?

I've never shoplifted anything.  Really.  A couple of months ago, we hung some curtain rods, and ended up with an extra sealed package of ceiling-hanger thingies.  By the time we got around to taking them back to the Home Center store (no, that's not a translation, it's just Home Center), it wasn't worth printing out the receipt from the scanned files and standing in line at the service desk and then embarrassing myself with my Spanish and giving the clerk another reason to laugh at the old gringos.
we just put them back.  
Now, we're guilty of shopleaving.  Some guy in the Inventory Department is going to sweat reconciling the numbers when it comes out that they have one too many packs of gold curtain rod hanger thingies.
We hope you don't get caught, either.
Dave & Paula

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