Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving?! OK, so I'm thankful for drugs.

Thanksgiving has a long and fabricated history in the United States.
It's all based on a single letter by a guy describing a three-day harvest gorge, in which the newcomers and the locals ate as much as they could from the fall surplus before it all spoiled.  Someone rhapsodized about it in 1821, Lincoln made it official in 1862, and the rest is, you know, bad for the turkeys, great for commerce and family gatherings.
Here in Colombia, with its interesting history, folks are usually just thankful to be alive and have some arepas on the table, much less the repast portrayed above.  Also, there are already 20 (that's two-zero) official national holidays, most pegged to a religious occurrence or personage about whom no one remembers or cares, but hey, it's a day off.  
So, how did we celebrate Thanksgiving?
With a Colombian colonoscopy, of course!  Duh!!
That picture, of a TV celebrity having his American colonoscopy, and I'll bet it wasn't on Thanksgiving, has gotta be fake.  The guy is awake, everyone is having fun, etc.
Anyway, for reasons that will become clear later (nothing bad, never fear), I needed to have it done, it was all normal, and since you'll probably (remember, "never say never 'bout nothin'") have a colonoscopy in Bogotá, we'll leave it at that.  I'll just say that I'm thankful for drugs.
Next year, I think I'll have, hmmm, a root canal!!
May your holidays go better than that.
Dave & Paula

Addendum:  OK, I've got to be fair.  We got together with some other gringos the previous Monday and had turkey.  Now that's off my conscience.  Second thought, next year maybe I'll do hair transplants.  

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Patti said...

I guess you knew I'd be really upset about no turkey on Turkey Day. Thanks for the addendum.