Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Through the teeth, over the gums, look out stomach...Hey!! Did that ant just move??!!

We knew that the Morenos were coming over, and we finally, really had to eat the ants.
So, who was going eat an ant first?  Many such important decisions are made with a coin toss.
This one was made in a far more democratic, reasonable way.  It was my camera, so she had to go first.
I tried to be encouraging.  "Gallina!  Gallina!"  ("Chicken!  Chicken!")
 Her sense of adventure just stuck out all over.
 You could almost feel her expectation of gustatory delight.
And then it was over.  A few tentative crunches, and "Ah, they're not that bad.  OK, Big Guy, you're up!"
Being the man, I of course had to show the stony machismo that I was made of.
 OK, they really weren't that bad.  Kind of like crunchy small popcorn.  With antennae.  And legs.
 I survived!  Of course, I knew all along I would.
Whew!  We told the Morenos with a straight face that we had downed the crispy little critters, and they were so delighted they promised to bring us more!
We hope that you get to try something new today also.
Dave & Paula


Melodie said...

Wow. Seeing that I didn't even try mashed potatoes until 9th grade or tomatoes until age 22, and I've still never eaten a hamburger (ground up meat mashed back together!?), I don't think I'll be trying anything like this anytime soon. Today I tried mac and cheese at a slightly hotter temperature than usual. That's progress, right?

Patti said...

You are both very brave! *shudder*