Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quito?! Neato!!

The 25 Mission Presidents in the South America Northwest (or was it the North America Southwest?) Area meet twice a year for instruction, and to briefly catch their breath.  This fall the meeting was held in Quito, Ecuador, this being a central location for Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, the five countries that comprise the Area. 
I am kindly included along with the other Area Medical Advisor in Lima, because, uh, well, because the Handbook of Instructions says that we're supposed to be included.  So there.
Actually, it gave me a chance to speak briefly to the whole group, and to touch bases with all of "my" Mission Presidents, and more importantly, their wives, with whom I interact frequently.
We're in there, in the back somewhere, in the Not Really a Mission President row.  
Most of the three days were taken up in instruction.  However, that didn't preclude taking advantage of the hotel's nice exercise facilities.
Or the nice pool, though it had to be early morning.  And yes, that's a shower cap.  And yes, I'll probably pay for publishing that picture.
One day we were able to see a few sights, including the Equator in Ecuador, and yes, that's why it's named that way.
 However, I was not allowed to buy a "Zero Latitude - Zero Attitude" t-shirt.  Bummer.
The llama visit was de rigueur.
All in all, an enriching seminar and visit in a beautiful place.
We hope that you are doing well, and can find a better looking bathing cap than that.
Dave & Paula


PaulaJean said...

In my defense, the shower cap kept my hair from getting wet and an extra 20 minutes of work. :-)

Patti said...

I wish I looked as good in any kind of cap! And that last picture is a stunner. Wow!