Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OK, So We're Here! (Gulp)

It's been three days, and the peasants (and missionaries) haven't risen up yet in revolt, probably because they haven't had time to get to know us.  
We rolled in to the hotel in Lima last Thursday night at, oh, about 3:00 AM from Salt Lake City, thanks to the flight delay compounded by two hour lines to make immigration and customs.  However, we figured the plane wouldn't actually crash, with about thirteen Mission Presidents on board.
On Friday we had a day of orientation by the Presidency of the South America Northwest Area, then scattered to the wind.  We left the next morning in the good care of Stake President Prieto of Huancayo.  
That was a good move.  1) We got to ooh and ahh at the spectacular scenery, and 2) I wouldn't have passed some of the stuff he did.
Like I said, our jaws dropped a lot, and not just from the altitude.
The road went up and up, paralleling the railway, which went in first in the late 1800's.
We finally crested at about 15,740 feet at the Ticlio Pass.  Note that Paula is not only conscious, but smiling.
The road down the other side passed many mining operations and their associated towns.
When we arrived at our (temporary) apartment, it was in nothing short of marvelous condition, thanks to the kind work of the Church folks in Huancayo.
The view from the apartment at least shows the mountains.
That afternoon, we attended a celebration with about a thousand folks in the indoor stadium, happy for the establishment of the Huancayo Mission, even if it means having the bald guy on the banner.
We felt most honored, but recognize that they were really honoring the establishment of the work more fully in this area, and not us specifically.
We hope the roads you travel are as spectacular.  Maybe not so high.
Dave & Paula 


Patti said...

That brought a little tear to the eye to see how happy the people are to have their own mission. Pretty awesome banner!

Jon and Joni Prince said...

You're famous!