Sunday, July 28, 2013


So, there we were, minding out own business, driving along at about 12,000 feet on the high plains of the central Andes, passing through the town of Junín ("Who, Neen?"), when suddenly my eye was captured by THIS!
Holy Guacamole!  It had to be THE GIANT MACA OF JUNIN!!  What, you may properly ask, is a maca ("ma-ca"), and why is there a replica of a giant one in Junín ("Hu-Kneen"), Peru?!
Well, according to an ad I found on Google ("Goo-Gull"), 
"Maca is a potent, ancient Peruvian superfood highly prized by Incan warriors to increase stamina and combat fatigue. To make Navitas Naturals Maca Powder, our farming partners hand-select the finest raw maca roots, which are gently dried and milled at low temperatures."
OK, the low temperature part sounds right.  It is cold in Junin ("Hoo-Nene").  Our missionaries there sleep under five blankets, and take turns by the week as to who will get up at 5:00 AM to turn on the little water heater to be able to not cause permanent damage from the shower at 6:30 AM.  
Another article cautioned that this was a SECRET Superfood, but that I, luckily, could obtain some.
It reminded me of some other top-secret things I had read on Google ("Gew-gle").
However, the generous locals seemed more than happy to sell as much as I wanted!
I dunno, the Peruvian "farming partners" in the "sustainable production" of this superfood in the "breathtaking Andean highlands" looked like maybe they were unselfishly turning over all the crop to the people trying to sell it to me.  Sadly, they did not much resemble virile Incan warrior-types.  
Anyway, you never know what surprises may meet you on the roads of Peru.
We hope that your superfoods are doing the trick, whatever that trick might be.
Dave & Paula

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