Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The New Place

As most of you know, with the large recent increase in young missionaries volunteering for service, the Church has established 58 new Missions this year, including ours, the Peru Huancayo Mission.  This brings the total throughout the world to some 405, with over 70,000 missionaries presently serving.
With the announcement of so many new Missions made only in February, residencies for the new Presidents and their families, called the 'Mission Home,' have had to be acquired along with Mission offices.  
In the case of our Mission, the decision was made to build a new home in a small gated community on the east side of Huancayo.  That's it, in the background, the concrete structure without windows.  Or workmen.  Luckily, it's safe, watched over by Pinky, the Peruvian guard dog.  Yes, that's correct, even the dogs need to wear coats around here.
In defense of the local folks in charge of overseeing the project, permits for the various phases are glacial in their provision.  Here Paula is standing in the laundry room.
And with President Prieto, President of the Huancayo Stake, a kind and patient man who has been extremely helpful to two lost and quickly aging gringos (us).  They are positioned on the (future) beautiful terrace.
Anyway, we're fine where we are at present, and we will be patient.  Not much choice otherwise, actually.  I've tagged March of 2014 for completion, while Paula, ever the foolish optimist, says we'll be in by Christmas.  I think she's losing her 15 soles ($5.38 US) on this one.
We hope your guard dog is also staying warm.  And fierce.
Dave & Paula

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Sherwood family said...

Mom, I have to agree with Dad. There's no WAY you're going to make 15 soles off of Dad. At least you'll have two years to enjoy the house, right?