Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"This won't do!" said Sister Henderson

We are getting near the first round of interviews with each of the 107 missionaries spread around our Mission.  While I'm talking with them individually, Paula has been making the rounds inspecting their apartments.  That means she piles in the car with the Zone Leaders of Cerro de Pasco, or Huánuco, or today, La Merced, and she drives around whatever city, trying to avoid the mototaxis.
If I am ever arrested in Peru, it will be for purposely running over one of these things while laughing demonically, in revenge for them cutting me off, honking, making four lanes out of two, and buzzing around obnoxiously.  I have come to hate them.
Today, while checking missionaries' living space, Paula, er, Sister Henderson, discovered that the bathroom in the Sisters' place was lacking a toilet seat. "This won't do!" she scowled, and off they went to the local ferreteria.  Though I lied several years ago to some US college students in Guatemala, this is actually not where to buy a ferret, rather it's a hardware store.
With purchase proudly in hand, they headed back and with only moderate difficulty and about 20 minutes, got it installed.  Indeed, how many missionaries does it take to install a Peruvian toilet seat?
In the end, the good deed was accomplished by the kind Zone Leaders, to the delight of the Sisters, all for 15 Soles ($5.38) and some good laughs.
We hope that your water closet repairs go so well.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

Last time I repaired the WC the nut was rusted onto the bolt, and each part I replaced caused another problem to appear. I wish two missionaries had volunteered to help me!

Florencia Krasnoselsky said...

'Ask the missionaries!' Never a most useful piece of advice given in General Conference :)