Friday, November 29, 2013

Huh, the turkey was a little, say, different...

Paula is excited to cook Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for the office and the adult Family History missionary couple across the hall.  What?  You did Thanksgiving on Thursday?!  How quaint.  We do things a little differently here, like Thanksgiving on Saturday.  That's because no one has heard of the holiday, mostly because the Pilgrims only made it to Cuba or something. 
Anyway, Paula mixed her famous rolls,
and baked a great pecan pie.  It should be noted that one has to bake such a pie at very low temperatures; at 11,000 feet, things boil more rapidly, and would bubble over.
Lily, our housekeeper, was excited to let Paula know that she had spotted early Christmas turkeys at the store, and scored one.  However, when Paula was getting it ready, taking things out of the inside, she discovered something that's usually not included with the euphemistically named 'giblets.'  I heard her surprised exclamation clear back in the euphemistically named 'office.'
She kept digging, and discovered other treasures to delight any good Peruvian Thanksgiving table.
I'm sure she'll figure out a delightful presentation for the extra, uh, items.
We hope your Thanksgiving dinner wasn't too boring.
Dave & Paula


Laura said...

You need that Tommy DePaola book about the chicken feet!

Sherwood family said...

Garun-garun-garunga! I hope you have red fingernail polish. And I see that black KitchenAid mixer in the background. Ha. Hardship, indeed.

Patricia said...

Well beware that all fowl comes with feet and head...makes me so nauseous I can continue to cook after seen those sightless eyes!

Patti said...

That is just gross! But not the pecan pie. Considering the altitude, that is a culinary masterpiece!