Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Things unique to this Mission, mostly

Most Missions don't have an oxygen tank in the office.  And, if they do, they usually don't have two oxygen tanks in the office.  We do.
We have now had several missionaries, adult and young, who have suffered from serious altitude effects, and even several who have had to spend time in the hospital because of it, or who have had to get to lower altitude - fast.
In the culinary theme, we boast of having pachamanca.  Preparation begins with the heating of stones over a fire, and the meat is then placed on top. The fire is covered with grass and earth, and the resulting oven is opened up after around an hour and a half. Usually, a large quantity of meat is cooked, perhaps a whole sheep, to serve several people.  Or, you just leave the pile of dirt, and head to the closest Pizza Hut.
 It is reported to also be quite tasty.  Minus the dirt.
We have tocosh.  This will be important to those of you who happen to like potatoes that have been placed in a mesh bag of grass, covered with stones, and left undisturbed for six to twelve months. Once fermentation has occurred, the tocosh is dried in the sun and stored for future use.  Tocosh is claimed to contain penicillin (along with who knows what else), and it is said that once you get past the stench, it is quite tasty.  OK....
We also have cuy.  Isn't it cute!
Also very tasty!
Most Missions have a 'Mission Home.'  We have boxes.
Does your Mission have Soviet-era Mil MI-17 helicopters at your airport (your only airport)?  Didn't think so.  Wimps.
We'll keep you posted as we discover more uniquities in this, the Peru Huancayo Mission.
We hope that your airport gets some cool camo-colored helicopters soon, too.  You wish.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

Pachamanca, tocosh and cuy - oh my! Or rather, oh dear!