Saturday, November 23, 2013

Smells like dirt and cut grass... must be - Paula!

When we came to the Mission in June, a local house had been rented for the six missionaries that work in the Mission office, big enough to house missionaries coming in for leadership training, sick ones, etc.  It's a very interesting house, with an outside spiral staircase, strange rooms, etc.
Paula noticed recently that the gardens hadn't been taken care of in a while.  What?! 19 to 25 year old single males not caring for the gardens?!  Say it ain't so!
She happily bought some implements at the local Maestro store (the Lowe's equivalent) and when we had some free time this afternoon, she went at it.
 Gradually organization began to be restored.
Weedwacker?! Hah! This small patch of grass had met it's match - Paula with some shears.
Yes, that's a swimming pool, and Yes, it's empty, and No, I have no idea who in their right mind would have installed a non-heated, outdoor pool in Huancayo, and No, the missionaries can't fill it.
So Paula had a great couple of hours puttering in someone else's yard while I worked on my laptop and kept her company.  She had a big grin getting back in the car to go home, and smelled happily like dirt and grass clippings.
We hope that your spouse is as easily and cheaply entertained.
Dave & Paula


Sherwood family said...

I am looking forward to doing the same thing, Mom, when we FINALLY get a house with a yard. So I guess the gene has passed on!

Florencia Krasnoselsky said...

That lady is amazing!

Patti said...

I know Paula was in her happy place!