Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Mission Presidents' Seminar

Twice a year, we leave the Mission for four days for a meeting with the other 29 Presidents in the South America Northwest Area, which includes Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
This year, folks flew to Cusco, where we ate too much, and got to visit and sympathize with our friends serving in those countries, about half of whom are from Latin America, and about half gringos.
 Paula got to be warm for a couple of days, so for her the meeting was a success.
The specific location was in a lovely valley near Cusco, with surrounding mountains, a few capped with snow.  And we ate too much.
But, as with everything, it was eventually back to reality, to face new challenges back in Huancayo.  Somehow, the plane was able to take off.  Did I mention that we might have eaten too much?

And by the way, that pretty valley had great cell phone reception, unfortunately.
We hope that you can have a wee bit of time in your schedule to recharge the batteries.  And we hope that your cell phone coverage doesn't reach you...
Dave & Paula


Cy said...

This is just a general comment on how much we enjoy your updates and to let you know that we miss you guys. Hope everything else is going well.


Doug Earl said...

In 1990 we almost talked slc into making huancayo a mission headquarters. Now it has happened. Our missionary Brian Williams originally from Idaho falls told us about your blog. We love it. We built and dedicated the chapels in San Pedro de cajas, la Orioya, la Merced, villa rica, oxapampa, San Ramon, ambo, cerro de paso, and one in huancayo and JaUJA. This is so inspiring to see you up there.

Patti said...

Food, warmth, food, friends, food, mountains, food, cell phone reception. Yup! You did have it all! (assuming family was called on the cell phones)